"The Thief Girl" is a stealth mission game in which you control a thief girl to collect treasure and get to the goal. Use the mouse to guide the girl to the goal while keeping her hidden from the monsters.  The girl is too weak to fight monsters directly.

Use the blocks in the dungeon to hit the monsters and defeat them, or use emergency evasion actions when the monsters are about to find you to conquer the stage.


A young thief girl was hiding in the luggage of a carriage, hoping to sneak into the castle of the kingdom and steal the precious treasure.

However, the carriage arrived at a ruined castle full of monsters.

Will the girl be able to get the treasure and escape the castle successfully?

Operations & Rules


  1. Thief Girl
  2. Treasure
  3. Goal
  4. Enemy
  5. Movable block
  6. Slow down floor
  7. Noise object
  8. Auto cam switch
  9. Pause
  10. Back to menu
  11. Lives
  12. Stealth points
  13. Discovered treasures


Click where you want to move the thief girl to, and she will move to the point.



View angle

View point


Click on a crate when the girl is next to it, and the crate will be pushed.

If she hits the crate against a monster, she can defeat the monster.

Monsters sight

If she enters the monster's sight or move near the monster, the monster will notice her.


If she makes contact with a bottle lying on the floor and make a noise, the monster will notice her.

Emergency evasion

Click around the thief girl at the moment she comes into view of monsters, and an emergency evasion will be performed. Hurry to hide in the shadows nearby.

Hide in the barrel

If caught by a monster, the thief girl will be damaged and transformed into a barrel. You can move her in barrels for a while. While hiding in the barrel, the enemy will not find you, so hurry up and run away.